Blanche by Bex (#sissy #femdom #pegging #comics)

Continuing our theme of illustrated delights, author/artist Bex has graciously offered to grace our pages once again. We have already explored his work from Amazing Transformation Comicsand, and now it is time to dig into his Lustomic archives.


Although it is a much shorter comic than some of his other work, Blanche is still a gorgeous demonstration of Bex's erotic talents. It is a sexy, trans-positive story of gender exploration, with equal parts pain/humiliation and pleasure/admiration. He frames it very well, opening with a sissy's night out at a private, invitation-only party, and then using his delightful experiences there to explore her darker origins in flashbacks.

The opening pages are easily my favorite, and a story I would love to see continued. We get to see a young man slipping into his sissy persona, and then stepping out for a little innocent, exhibitionist fun. Her arrival at the party is deliberately shocking, greeted by a sissy maid who offers her choice of champagne or cum. Having passed the test, she is admitted to the inner party, where she questions how she ended up in a place like that.

That is the cue for the first flashback, and I have to say I really liked Blanche's history. We see a sad, lost, unfulfilled young man who accidentally discovers the pleasures of transsexual porn, and who struggles to realize his dreams of being taken by a real man. It is a sweet, almost comical story in the early pages, but a supermarket rendezvous with an upskirt pervert sends it somewhere dark and dangerous, although still erotically satisfying.

Drawn in comic book style, Blanche has all the hallmarks of Bex's work, including detailed settings and backgrounds, gorgeous costumes, and a nice mix of dialogue and narrative. With multiple panels on a page, some of them overlapping or embedded in others, he really maximizes the illustrated aspect of the story.

Bex is an Italian who specializes in hand drawn comics - erotic, transgender, sissy, shemale, slut, crossdressing, fetish, and fumetti erotica.

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