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 This month's comic is something entirely new for Bex, a sexy, steampunk comic about The Amazing Adventures of Armand and his valiant struggle to turn into a beautiful woman . . . instead of a giant insect . . . and the only way to ensure that happens is to orgasm while ingesting copious amounts of semen! As if that's not wild and shocking enough, when Armand gets home we meet his sexually prolific family robot, who wisely suggests he seek out a transgender woman in order to overcome his sexual inhibitions.

His first oral encounter is a sexy one, and Greta is stunningly beautiful, but it's all for nothing as he's too nervous and preoccupied to orgasm. Fortunately, Greta is up for a second encounter and more than willing to introduce him to the joys of anal sex, awakening the girl inside him and prompting his first transformation. Even as Armand becomes a woman, his family robot decides to undergo a modification as well, giving the new girls a wanton role model in seeking out enough sperm to make the transformation permanent!

Visually, this one of the most fabulous comics that Bex has done. Not only do we get the sexy sissy and slutty shemale illustrations he does so well, we also get some wonderful steampunk themed illustrations that are full of vibrant colors, inventive technologies, and sexualized Victorian costumes. There are little gear flourishes and shining bits of brass all over, contrasted with the corsets, bloomers, and epaulets.

The naked forms are beautiful as well, although I prefer the skimpy outfits with the teasing glimpses of cleavage and ass, and the stiff, corseted postures make the loose, relaxed, flexible poses even more erotic.

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New comic!

The Amazing Adventures of Armand, a New Premium Comic by Bex

  • May 22, 2021

by Femur


It’s time for another Premium comic from Bex, and this one is different from any that we’ve published from Bex before… or anyone else, for that matter. The Amazing Adventures of Armand comes in at 44 multi-paneled pages, and has the subtitle of – And His Valiant Struggle to Turn into a Beautiful Woman Instead of a Giant Insect!

In other words, this is a sexy, steampunk comic with stunning art by Bex!

Please note that this comic is being sold for the set price of $11.95 (there is no PWYW option). We’re publishing the first 21 pages today, on Saturday, May 22nd, and we’ll post the remaining 23 pages tomorrow, on Sunday, May 23rd. In other words, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to read all 44 pages of this comic, but tomorrow’s update will be here before you know it, so why not buy The Amazing Adventures of Armand today so you can start reading this awesome, original comic right away?


If only Armand hadn’t ventured into the jungle after that statue, then he wouldn’t have come in contact with the strange pathogen that’s going to transform him into an insect that resembles a giant praying mantis. It’s a strange and horrible fate for the young adventurer who lives in a dirigible with his family’s android, Rob, but perhaps all is not lost. Dr. Percy has mentioned that there is a potential way out… that instead of becoming an insect, Armand can turn into a beautiful woman instead!

If Armand can follow the strict treatment protocol, he can remain human. But the major component of this treatment isn’t any kind of drug. Instead, it’d the kind of treatment Armand will have to seek out on his own… intaking a steady amount of ejaculated sperm!

That’s right. For Armand’s treatment to be effective, he’ll need to receive sperm anally or orally… and a further complication is that he’ll need to have an orgasm of his own for the intake of sperm to work!

Armand is definitely not pleased with this diagnosis and his predicament. In order to remain human, he’ll have to do things and see his body change in ways that he never imagined possible.

Armand’s adventures are strange and exciting, and he’ll obviously need to partake in a lot of sex if he wants to remain human… and become one hundred percent female!

The Amazing Adventures of Armand is a humorous, light-hearted, sci-fi story with a whisper of Kafka (how many TG comics have you seen that fit that description?). It’s a steampunk comic that shows what happens when you have to face choices and deal with situations you never imagined you’d be in… and find a new side of yourself along the way.

Oh, and if you think Armand is the only one who is transformed over the course of this comic, think again!


As I mentioned above, we’re not offering PWYW for this comic, but there are still four different ways to buy the comic That can be a little confusing, so if you need more info about any aspect of purchasing The Amazing Adventures of Armand on TGC, you can find out the details on the The Amazing Adventures of Armand Preview Page.

You can also find out a few more details about the comic itself on that same set of The Amazing Adventures of Armand Preview Pages. The initial page pretty much covers what I’m saying in this post, but there is a second preview page if you want to learn a few more plot points and details about the comic (including a breakdown of the categories for the comic). Another good option is to read the 8 sample pages of The Amazing Adventures of Armand that we’re posting for free, so you can get a great feel for the storytelling and characters, and see how Bex handles this steampunk comic. And you can see great examples of Bex’s bold colors and crisp art. Oh, and you can also peek at the categories we’ve listed for this comic on the sample pages as well.


Thanks for reading this post. Thanks for considering buying The Amazing Adventures of Armand and supporting Bex and This is another comic we’re offering up that’s unlike any TG comic you’ve read before, depicting the tremendous journey of a man as he changes in body, mind and soul in a valiant attempt to remain human instead of becoming a giant insect!