Pizza party by Bex

Pizza Party by Bex (#shemale #crossdressing #sissy #comics)

Continuing our theme of illustrated delights, author/artist Bex has graciously offered to grace our pages once again. We have already explored his work from Amazing Transformation Comics and, and now it is time to dig into his Lustomic archives.


Pizza Party is the latest Lustomic exclusive from Bex, and it feels like I have been waiting forever to tell you about it. He originally shared it with me over a month ago, and I loved it, but had to wait until it was published to give it the attention it deserves.

The concept here is simple, but delicious. Gwen has a new job as a pizza delivery girl for Pizza Party, which promises "more than just a snack." Dressed in a short skirt that reveals her panty bulge, and a see-through tank-top that shows off her big nipples, it is her job to provide the extras, and to make sure her customers are 100% satisfied.

Visually, there is no question that this is a Bex comic, with clean lines, lots of shading, and a soft color palette to bring the images to life. He makes the most of the space available, arranging multiple panels on the same page, sometimes overlapping small scenes over big ones, with only the barest of white space to keep the eye moving. Body positions and facial expressions are just about perfect, and nobody draws cum shots or cum splatter as well as he does. It splashes, it clings, it drips, and it pools so naturally.

Sexually, this is a very kinky story, with everything from group sex, to domination, to bukkake, to pet play, to forced feminization, to creative cum eating, and more. The framing of the narrative adds an extra layer of excitement, one that gives it a voyeuristic feel, and which teases a homophobic customer before revealing the truth of his insecurities. Pizza Party is nasty, kinky, and gloriously explicit, and an altogether delicious read.

Bex is an Italian who specializes in hand drawn comics - erotic, transgender, sissy, shemale, slut, crossdressing, fetish, and fumetti erotica.

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