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The Enchanted Spa by Bex (#crossdressing #transformation #comics)

Getting back to our theme of illustrated delights, author/artist Bex returns to grace our pages with his latest from the site.

Now, without further ado, please allow me to introduce you to the delights of The Enchanted Spa.

After a mysterious opening that makes you question what is to come, The Enchanted Spa introduces us to a pretty sissy who looks as cute in a peekaboo bra as they do a dress. Beneath the sexy artwork, however, Bex does a lovely job of exploring the sorrow (and embarrassment) of someone who just wants to be a woman. Fortunately, a chance encounter on the subway leads him to some very special thermal baths that sound too good to be true . . . but, of course, we want them to be real!

What follows is a nice mix of a sensual spa experience and some very erotic daydreams, which reveal a new (and wholly feminine) side of Corey. There are some nasty, dirty, raunchy details to the story - such as the semen vending machine - but there is also some lovely, relaxing, sensual imagery - such as the blue water of the pools and the flowers surrounding them. It is that mix, that blend, that blurring of boundaries that makes this so exciting. In fact, there is a fanatically abstract panel near the end that puts the question of balance front-and-center.

That mysterious opening is twisted midway through, but it still leaves you questioning everything that follows. Has Corey been gifted with the body (and life) of his dreams, or is it just that, a dream? On the one hand, it all seems like an impossibly perfect dream, with Corey's best friend coming onto the new girl, but the way Corey fights her arousal, refusing to spread her legs for the first man to show an interest, certainly suggest she thinks it is all real.

As is always the case with Bex, this is a gorgeous comic to linger over, full of bright colors, gorgeous clothes, and subtle shading and blurring that draws the eye to where it needs to be. Even the background characters are beautifully drawn, but all the figures are lovingly drawn, complete with diverse facial expressions, and their positions may be overly sexualized, but they are also realistic.

The final pages of The Enchanted Spa layer even more twists on that mysterious opening, leaving us to fear the worst, with one scene, in particular, threatening to change what we think and how we feel about Corey. I will say no more on that, but if you know Bex, you should be able to guess how it will all end.

Bex is an Italian who specializes in hand drawn comics - erotic, transgender, sissy, shemale, slut, crossdressing, fetish, and fumetti erotica.

New comic

is our new Premium comic from Bex. The comic is hand-drawn. It’s 45 multiple-panel, color pages (plus a cover and a few extras). There’s some truly gorgeous art and colors in this comic!
The Enchanted Spa tells the story of Corey, a feminine young man who dreams of being a woman. Corey dresses up when he’s alone, but he’s not out about his desires. His best friend, Mark, for instance, has no idea that Corey aches to have a female body.
Corey is truly miserable and despairs that he can never become the woman he longs to be. Why has he been born the wrong gender? It all seems so hopeless until a beautiful woman approaches Corey and explains that she was once a sad, feminine man just like him… until she went to a very special spa. “Once you visit, your sadness will melt away… and you’ll have the life you always wanted!”